Welcome to my blog!  I hope you enjoy reading my first ever blog post as The Cambridge Science Tutor.  This is a business I have been thinking about setting up for ages. I actually didn’t realise, but I found a notebook from 4 years ago where I’d sketched out some ideas and a logo.  I have to remember not to get cross with myself – where would I be now if I’d started then!  But I’m starting now and that’s the important thing.  I believe in this business and in helping people be the best they can be.  My expertise is in Biology and I have over a decade’s worth of experience teaching GCSE and A Level Biology.

So it’s time to turn what I’m so excited about into an actual, functioning, proper, grown up website.  That’s the aim of today.  I’ve been working through my website template figuring out how on earth to make it my own.  It’s been a challenge not to get drawn into details that I will be able to work on later.  It’s also taken so much longer than I expected.  I’ve done the homepage and had lunch so far.  I’ve got a few more hours this afternoon to work on it, so polished it ain’t gonna be.  But it will be mine.  And it will be working.  Then it’s time for a one to one tutoring session, first one back after the summer holidays so I’m looking forward to that.

After work I’ll pick up squirt one and squirt two, plop them in bed and go and scare myself silly with an ‘IT’ double bill at the cinema.  I can’t wait!

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