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OK. So, they’re not going to get the GCSE Science or A Level Biology grades for what they want to do next.  In other words, they’re failing.

  • she doesn’t know what’s going on in class.
  • he’s worried about passing his exams.
  • they work hard but still don’t get it.
  • Above all, you don’t know how to help them.


  You’re in the right place.

Because I’m passionate about teaching Science and love helping students develop their understanding and build their confidence I can help.

As a result of teaching and tutoring GCSE science and A Level biology for 10 years I can help.

From 3 years working as an examiner marking GCSE Biology exams I can help.

  • First of all I’ll explain the subject so that it makes sense to them.  So they’ll get it.
  • Secondly, we’ll practice how to answer those tricky exam questions.  Then they’ll know they can do it in the exam.
  • I’ll also work closely with them to increase their confidence.  Meaning they’ll believe they can achieve their goals.
  • Finally, I’ll help them with revision strategies.  So they can avoid overwhelm and maximise learning.

As a result, they will emerge successful from their exams.  More importantly, they’ll have the grades they need for whatever they want to do in the future – university, college, apprenticeship. And they will have the tools to take on their future challenges with confidence.

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Business Hours: 8a-6:30pm M-F, 9am-2pm S-S

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