What I Do

I help GCSE and A Level students, who struggle with understanding Biology to achieve top grades through personalised online tutoring.

My Philosophy

I fully believe that everyone has the potential to succeed at school, to open their results and find that they can do whatever it is they had hoped to do next.  I understand that not everyone ‘gets’ science and that some of it happens on such a tiny scale that it is hard to imagine and wrap your head around how it all works.  I will support you with this through my open and understanding approach to teaching, and I’ll encourage you to become a great Biologist!


My Methods

I aim to create understanding through careful explanation using a variety of resources to bring these difficult concepts to life.  I will then guide you through the exam process from revision and how to answer the questions, to the best things to do to prepare yourself in the hours before you open the paper.

My Goals

Through our work together, you will develop the tools you need to approach your exams with the confidence and understanding you need to get the top grades you deserve.

1 to 1 online tutoring

I help struggling GCSE biology students improve their understanding, revise and prepare for their exams through personalised one to one online lessons. 

You will also have access to my online courses and studyhalls

Group online tutoring

If you prefer a class setting join my half termly group tutoring.  Here students develop a secure understanding of their course content and are able to contribute and ask questions.

Lessons will be recorded for students to access at any time.

As with one to one, you will have access to my online courses and studyhalls.

Online Courses

I offer a range of courses on specific topics with video lessons and resources, from full topics to revision techniques.

To support students, there is an online study hall group where you can contact me with any questions you may have.

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