Your reasons for choosing an online tutor.

More and more GCSE students are using a tutor, many of them choosing an online tutor.  27% of them this year. If you live in London, it’s 41% (see the report here).  

  • Class sizes are bigger, and they need help understanding the subject.  
  • The exams are harder, and they need help preparing.  
  • They struggle with their confidence and don’t ask questions in class.    

There’s a clear need for tutors.  So, why choose an online tutor?


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Online is way better than face to face.

Here’s why you should choose an online tutor…

  1. It’s so convenient

  • Everyone is so busy these days.  We’ve no time to waste. With an online tutor there’s no travelling time, no need to drop them off and wait around for an hour.  You’re free to continue your day while they’re using all their time productively, learning.
  1. Learn anytime, anywhere

  • All you need is a device connected to the internet.  If you’re a night owl, watch recorded lessons under the cover of darkness.  If you’re an explorer, join class from the top of a mountain (internet coverage is pretty good these days).  Wherever you are, whenever you’re ready, your online tutor will be there.
  1. Ask all the questions

  • It’s too easy to let a question sit in your head.  Online tutoring allows a space to ask questions via text, email, Facebook.  Or live in a lesson. This makes it much more likely that students will have the confidence to ask.  To get that ‘silly’ question out of their head and have it answered. Their understanding is then fully developed.  They’ll go through the process of working it out and untangling any misunderstandings they have.
  1. Take it slow or whiz through

  • The beauty of online tuition is they can take it at their own pace.  Quickly or slowly. Reviewing the same lesson over and over or moving straight on.  Lessons can be recorded and watched again later. There is unlimited scope for using the resources they’ll get in any way that’s helpful.
  1. Gain confidence

  • The key to exam success is confidence.  A skilled online tutor will have ways to increase student’s confidence.  In their biology knowledge. With answering exam questions. Of their ability to succeed.  
  1. Peace of mind

  • With feedback from your tutor you can be sure your child is making progress.  The bonus of having access to the recorded lessons and resources brings another level of security.  You’ve made the right choice. Your child will emerge successful from their exams.
  1. Build a relationship

  • There a massive variety of ways to communicate online.  Through social media posts, blogs, recorded lessons and live sessions you’ll be able to really get to know your tutor.  You can do this even before you’ve chosen to buy their services. So you know you’re getting someone on the same wavelength.  Scientists say that we learn so much better when we’ve got a good relationship with our teacher. In fact, our brainwaves are actually in sync!  How brilliant is that?!
  1. More choice

  • There’s no limit to who you chose because of where you live.  Your tutor could be on the other side of the street. Or the other side of the world.  Here’s the freedom to choose the very best tutor for your child. All you need is an internet connection and the online tutoring world is your oyster! Check out Zoë Sophie’s blog on how to find the best tutor.


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You’ve got ultimate flexibility and choice.  You’ll get a great teacher and peace of mind.  You’ll see your child progress and gain confidence at their pace.

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